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Information about ImAc

Auf einem aufgeklappten 360°-Bild sind der ImAc-Player inklusive Untertitel-Einstellungen sowie eingeblendete Untertitel zu sehen (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
rbb Innovationsprojekte

In the ImAc project, we developed solutions for making immersive media accessible. Working with end users, we adapted subtitles and sign language functionalities to make immersion in 360° videos accessible for all users. A major focus was on the location of these services and on delivering help in positioning the speaker.

More information about the project can be found here:

[Go to project website]

360° Abendschau

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The 360° video of the Abendschau takes the viewer into the editorial world and makes it possible to be in the middle of the buzzing capital or to sit directly next to the director.
Audio: Deutsch
subtitles subtitles: Deutsch

sign language sign language: Deutsch
QR code: 360° Abendschau

I, Philip

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23 years after Philip K. Dick's death, in 2005, David Hanson, a young engineer in robotics, revealed his first android with human form, 'Phil'. 'I, Philip' immerses you in the memories of what could be the last love affair of the writer. But aren't these memories the fruit of the imagination of an android which learned, little by little, how to become a human?
Co-production: Arte France & Okio Studios
Audio: English
subtitles subtitles: English, Español, Deutsch, Català
sign language sign language: Deutsch
QR code: I, Philip