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Audio-visual technologies and media use are inherently connected and are in a state of continual evolution. This presents a wide range of possibilities, offering challenges and opportunities.


Auf einem Tisch stehen und liegen Tablets, Smartphones und Zettel. Einige der Geräte werden von Händen gehalten bzw. bedient (Bild: Yulia Grigoryeva | Shutterstock.com)
Yulia Grigoryeva | Shutterstock.com

EMEX - Emerging Media Exploration

Media consumption of non-linear content and new concepts of interactive television formats are becoming ever more popular, especially amongst a younger audience.

This is where EMEX comes in. During the project students from Germany, England and Finland will work together to develop new interactive video formats.

Mehrere potentiell via 5G vernetzbare Gegenstände, darunter u. a. ein Auto, eine Drohne, eine Kaffeemaschine und Kopfhörer, formen den Begriff "5G" (Bild: Chesky | Shutterstock.com)
Chesky | Shutterstock.com

5G-VICTORI - 5G Transmission

With ever-more rapid transmission of large amounts of data and lightning-fast response times, 5G offers new possibilities to both private and professional users. Changing user behaviour and the enormous amounts of video and audio data involved require more flexibility, speed and stability of transmission to ensure the availability of live and on-demand content.

The 5G-VICTORI project supports the development of 5G by looking at accompanying new uses and challenges.

Viele Linien verbinden mehrere Icons, die für Ausspielplattformen von ReTV stehen, miteinander (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
rbb Innovationsprojekte

ReTV - Smart Personalised Content

Video content is increasingly consumed in a variety of situations and conditions, which vary according to the user’s current circumstances. Before leaving for work in the morning, a user might view a live news update on the Smart TV; at lunchtime she might watch a 30-second highlight on Facebook, and later return to the story on the way home with a longer clip from the Mediathek.

This is where ReTV comes into the picture.

Auf einem aufgeklappten 360°-Bild sind der ImAc-Player inklusive Untertitel-Einstellungen sowie eingeblendete Untertitel zu sehen (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
rbb Innovationsprojekte

ImAc - 360° Video Accessibility

Our experience with media accessibility helps us ensure new services are accessible for all viewers. As the amount of immersive 360° video and VR content steadily increase, so does the variety of devices upon which to consume it. In the ImAc project we found solutions to enhance accessibility of such immersive media content. Thus, users were of particular relevance to this project, and were deeply involved in providing feedback and requirements.

Ein Mädchen trägt eine VR-Brille und bewegt seine Arme (Bild: pixabay.com)

Hyper360 - Immersive Media

The advent of 360° video brings new possibilities to the media landscape, whether via PC, smartphone, VR glasses or TV. The goal is the total immersion of the viewer within the scene.

And it is exactly this topic which the Hyper360 project addressed.

Auf dem Display eines Notebooks ist der "Seiten Editor" von MPAT zu sehen, mit dem gerade die HbbTV-App für "BAND CAMP BERLIN" erstellt wird (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
rbb Innovationsprojekte

MPAT - Connected TV

In the MPAT project, we worked with European partners to make HbbTV apps an 'everyday' experience, in the positive sense of the term.