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- At the Heart of our Testing - The Users

Whatever the rbb Innovations team undertakes within European Union research projects, our modus operandi remains constant - we work alongside real users. When we develop new services and tools, the intended users are our focal point.

At the beginning of a new project, we always establish project requirements in cooperation with users. We hold workshops to define typical scenarios, producing concrete ideas about later uses of project outcomes. When pilot versions of particular functionalities are ready, we test them with users from the target group. Our efforts are subjected to the critical views of the users, and their feedback enables us to optimise functionalities and controls in preparation for incorporation into regular service.

Depending upon the application, we conduct tests with private users at home, or with professional colleagues within rbb. And we always keep accessibility in mind. For many years we've been involved with regional bodies representing those with sight and/or hearing difficulties in Berlin and Brandenburg. Their representatives provide ethical and conceptual input, they support us with their specialist knowledge and experience, and they help us recruit testers.