fernOST - Am Bosporus in Istanbul; Quelle: rbb/Ingo Aurich

A film by Johannes Unger - Through Turkey and into Iran (1/10)

From Berlin through Eastern Europe and the Balkans: A farewell to the familiar and an encounter with the foreign on the way to Asia. From colorful Istanbul to the Iranian border.

From Berlin to Istanbul in one go. Prague, Budapest and Belgrade are but way stations. In Istanbul, the team reaches the border of Europe. First encounters at the Bosporus.

An Imam works as a counselor in an urban hotspot of the Turkish metropolis and a coffee cup reader predicts the course of the journey that lies ahead of the team - it appears that it will not be entirely smooth. In Ankara, the team is confronted with more recent Turkish history, while in Anatolia it uncovers the tracks of a long-gone empire.

In the village of Akdag that is inhabited only in the summer, they come across Turks from Munich and Berlin and on the Ararat mountain, they meet a man who guards Noah's ark  - or what he believes to be the ark. Now, there are almost two-thousand kilometers, all the way across Iran, ahead of the travelers - if they receive permission to cross the border...