Die Mönchsschüler verfolgen interessiert die Vrobereitungen in ihren Gemächern; Quelle: Ingo Aurich

A film by Manuela Jödicke - From Myanmar to Bangkok (5/10)

Up and down through the land of the jungle. Through the mystic Myanmar into Thailand - the tourist's paradise. The farEAST-team tells the tales of the gold land, of golden pagodas, golden Buddhas, beatgold and white elephants.

Beatgold is an article of daily use in Myanmar. It is offered to Buddha, anticipating a good life after reincarnation as a reward. In Mandalay, the team observes how these paper-thin treasures are crafted. Myanmar has a new capital, designed on the drawing board, built into the jungle - and nobody wants to move there. The farEAST-team was there to look around. Yangon by contrast, is crowded with people and their cars. A Burmese colleague shoots a film about the city and allows the team to accompany her as she is working. He has a different way of singing but he looks a little like Bob Dylan - in Yangon, the team meets Myanmar's most well known composer and protest song writer.

Oak Tar Da has a school, a monastic school for the children of the poor. Here, the youngest of them learn how to read by yelling buddhist sutras - it must be the loudest school between Berlin and Tokyo. The road to Thailand is basically unpaved and one of the team-vehicles breaks down. Finally, in Thailand, the farEAST-convoy reaches the fully developed Asian Highway that takes the team to Ayutthaya, where they take part in a giant battle-spectacle with lucky white elephants and their handlers.