08.03.2013 - Incheon am Abend - Aufbruch nach Seoul; Quelle: Ingo Aurich

A film by Britta Lübke - From Beijing to South Korea (9/10)

From Beijng, the "northern capital," we travel along the Great Wall to Dadong. North Korea is within eyeshot but the authorities will not let the team in. A huge detour across the water leads the globetrotters to South Korea. On the way to Japan lies the booming capital Seoul and the harbor town Busan. Busan is the second largest city of the country.

Beyond the Great Wall, the Manchuria begins and a Manchurian tells the great history of his people that used to reign over China. Dadong, at the border river Yalu, is the last city on Chinese soil. At the riverside across from it, North Korean territory begins. It is rather bizarre to see how North Korea's rulers stage a "cheerful life at the frontier" for the Chinese tourists and the team. A ferry has to take the farEAST-vehicles to South Korea because North Korea refuses them entry. In Panmunjom, the place of the ceasefire agreement of 1953, the team can even step on North Korean territory - only for seconds, one or two steps.

Gangnam-Style had recently caused a sensation in the music business. The team gets a glimpse of the backdrop of this in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. In the city of Jeonju, a real prince sings a song and in the old temple complex in which the team spends the night, the great drum is already beaten at full force at half past three in the morning. In a small village on the island of Namhae, the team encounters a tiny piece of Germany. The place is a faithful reproduction of a German village and is alive with German expatriates, their Korean wives as well as garden goblins and Black Forest Ham. Finally, Busan is the big harbor town from which the ferry to Japan will take off.