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- farEAST - From Berlin to Tokyo

Two off-road vehicles, one team and 27,000 km (16,777 miles) by road. Our road movie invites the viewer to the extraordinary adventure farEAST: from Berlin to Tokyo on the Asian Highway.

The 21st century is the “Asian century”. Our future will unfold between Istanbul and Tokyo, from Tehran to Samarkand, from Bangkok via Ho Chi Minh City to to Peking. An Asia full of contradictions will hold the fate of the world more and more. An Asia, where traditions are intertwined with fast-paced dynamics, an inevitable destiny with the belief in technological progress, and poverty with unimaginable wealth. Was Asia ever so alluring and full of promises and, at the same time, as mysterious as of today?

Never before a film team has dared to cross the high plains of Iran, the rain forests of Myanmar, the deserts of China and the mega-cities of Japan on one single journey. In over six months time we will be driving from Berlin to Tokyo, covering a distance of over 27,000 km (16,777 miles) on one single street; the “Asian Highway No.1”.

Always in search of exciting and moving stories, the viewer will experience the journey at close hand, with all its challenges, setbacks, but also with its unique, beautiful moments. The team will constantly ask itself: Will we make it? Will we arrive at our destination?

FarEAST – from Berlin to Tokyo: A travel documentary in ten episodes of 45 minutes each.

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