vita - Natalie Amiri

Journalist Natalie Amiri is co-author of episodes 1 and 2 of our 10-part series. She will accompany the team from Tehran (Iran) to Samarkand (Uzbekistan).

Her journalistic experiences as an ARD-correspondent in Tehran are just as valuable to the team as her excellent language skills of the region. Apart from speaking German and English, she also speaks Farsi, Arabic, French and Dari.

Natalie Amiri was born in Munich and studied Orientalism focussing on Iranian studies in Bamberg until 2005. After that she worked at the German embassy in Tehran for two years and then joined the Bayerischen Rundfunk in 2007 as correspondent for the ARD Television studio in Tehran. Natalie Amiri is a freelance journalist since September 2011


Live reports for he german daily news „Tagesthemen“, „Tagesschau“, „Morgenmagazin“, „Mittagsmagazin“, Phoenix, Eins Extra, Deutsche Welle, Deutschlandradio and different ARD Television stations.

Co-author for documentaries for Kompass foreign reports:

2009 Ende einer Hoffnung
2009 Der Gottesstaat und die Bombe
2009 30 Jahre "Großer Satan"- Iran und die USA

Producer of all coverages of the ARD Studios in Tehran.