vita - Christian Klemke

Author Christian Klemke will be directing the journey from Samarkand to China. For that he will be travelling through Uzbekistan and Kirgistan.

He will also be responsible for the episodes 7 and 8 from Ho-Chi-Minh-City to Peking.

The author has been making documentaries since 1980. He received the renowned Adolf-Grimme price in 2002 for the documentary "Roter Stern über Deutschland".

As one of the authors, Christian Klemke has already been on the road for the rbb documentary "Immer ostwärts - Von Berlin nach Wladiwostok".

He was born in 1949 in Berlin-Weißensee. He has a diploma in directing, studying from 1972 – 1979 at the University of Moscow, afterward at the School for Film and Television in Babelsberg.

Since 1980 he has been working for several TV and cinema productions as director and author. He also gives lectures at the „Medienakademie“ in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich since 2005.

2011 Immer ostwärts. Von Berlin nach Wladiwostok; ARD/rbb/Deutsche Welle/NDR/BasisBerlin 5 x 45 min
2010 As part of the rbb-series "Geheimnisvolle Orte" Die Russische Botschaft; rbb 45 min
2010 "ROTE ARKTIS - Eroberung des Nordpols 1937"; (in cooperation with Andreas Christoph Schmidt)
52 min und 45 min rbb/MDR/arte
2008/2009 60 x Deutschland - Die Jahresschau; ChronikTV for the ARD; 13 of 60 episodes of the series
2007 Pelmeni und Currywurst; rbb 45 min
2006 Metropolen des Ostens -MOSKAU; rbb 45 min
2006 TSCHERNOBYL - all inclusive; rbb 30 min
2005 Metropolen des Ostens - KIEW; rbb 45 min
2005 Schlachtfeld Deutschland; (in cooperation with Jürgen Ast); rbb für ARD / 3 Teile a´45 min
2003 Der vergessene Held von Stalingrad; ORB 30 min
2003 LENINGRAD - Die hungernde Stadt; (in cooperation with Jan Lorenzen); MDR for arte 60 min
2003 Achtung Volkspolizei
rbb for the ARD / 45 min
(in cooperation with Jan Lorenzen)
ORB for the ARD / 2 x 45 min
2002 Alltag einer Behörde; (in cooperation with Jan Lorenzen); eMotion Picture Baden-Baden, MDR for arte / Salzgeber Filmverleih; 90 min (Nomination for the Adolf-Grimme-Preis in 2004)
2002 48 Stunden Afghanistan (in cooperation with Jan Lorenzen) ; ORB 45 min
2001 Roter Stern über Deutschland; (in cooperation with Jan Lorenzen); ORB für die ARD / 3 Teile à 45 min (Adolf-Grimme-Preis 2002)
2001 Der Oberschülerprozess, Werdau/ Sachsen 1951; (in cooperation w. Martin Kreutzberg); MDR 60 min
2000 Höhenflüge und Abstürze; SFB 45 min
1999 Die Sekretäre Walter Ulbricht und Erich Honecker; (in cooperation with Jan Lorenzen)
MD /arte 90 min