vita - Jens Stubenrauch

The scriptwriter and journalist will be directing the 6th episode of our road movie. His trip will begin in Bangkok leading through Cambodia to the South Vietnamese metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City.

Jens Stubenrauch was born in Berlin and has graduated in philosophy. He has been working as a TV-journalist and an editor for over 20 years. He is author of numerous TV-documentaries and reports.

He has produced the two road movies "Der 24. Längengrad - Eine Reise durch Osteuropa" and "Von Odessa nach Istanbul - Eine Reise um das Schwarze Meer" for the ARD.

As an editor in the department of documentaries and current affairs of the rbb he also accompanies farEAST editorially, along with Søren Schumann (rbb/ARTE).

Filmography (an excerpt)
Von Odessa nach Istanbul - Eine Reise um das Schwarze Meer, ARD, 75min
Der 24. Längengrad - Eine Reise durch Osteuropa, ARD, 75min
Die 8mm Heimat - Der unverstellte Blick auf die DDR, arte, 52min
Deutsche und Polen, Dokumentary, ARD, 2x45min
(Adolf-Grimme-Preis nomination in 2003)
Chronik der Wende, Dokumentary, ARD, 33x15min
(Adolf-Grimme-Preis with Gold in 1995, team of authors)