farEAST - The Team

It needs many motivated people who collaborate to realize such an enormous plan like farEAST. The ten-part documentary across the asian continent is a production of the rbb, radiobremen and BASISberlin, in cooperation with ARTE. Here are the basic team members:

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vita - Johannes Unger

The chief of the department “Documentaries and Current Affairs” at rbb will start the journey to farEAST with his team in Berlin. He will travel to the Balkan, Turkey and Iran for the first two episodes.

vita - Natalie Amiri

Journalist Natalie Amiri is co-author of episodes 1 and 2 of our 10-part series. She will accompany the team from Tehran (Iran) to Samarkand (Uzbekistan).

vita - Christian Klemke

Author Christian Klemke will be directing the journey from Samarkand to China. For that he will be travelling through Uzbekistan and Kirgistan.

vita - Manuela Jödicke

The experienced scriptwriter and rbb-editor will direct episodes 4 and 5 of our journey to farEAST. 

vita - Jens Stubenrauch

The scriptwriter and journalist will be directing the 6th episode of our road movie. His trip will begin in Bangkok leading through Cambodia to the South Vietnamese metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City.

vita - Britta-Susann Lübke

With her diploma in journalism, Britta-Susann Lübke is editor at Radio Bremen and responsible for documentaries, coverages and film portraits. She will direct the journey on the way from Peking via Seoul to the South Korean city of Busan.

vita - Ansgar Frerich

Author and producer Ansgar Frerich will accompany the film team for the last of our 10 episodes from South Korea to Japan, finally TOKYO!

vita - Thomas Lütz

Thomas Lütz has already been part of the team for the documentary "Immer ostwärts - Von Berlin nach Wladiwostok" in five episodes. In „farEAST“ he will be the chief cameraman.

vita - Ullrich Menges

Since 1996, Ullrich Menges has been working as a sound technician and camera-assistant.

vita - Ingo Aurich

On our adventurous journey, Ingo Aurich will be our sound engineer, driver and facebook-blogger.