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Bobby Blue Bland

mit Lothar Jänichen

Tonträger Werk Zeit
LC Best.Nr 006-94 838 This time I'm gone for good Bobby Blue Bland (Ges) Malone Perry
aus: This time I'm gone for good
MCALC 00000Best.Nr MCAD-10349 Up And Down World Bobby Blue Bland (Ges) Morrison Van / Malone Perry
aus: His California Album
MCALC 00000Best.Nr MCAD-10349 It's Not The Spotlight Bobby Blue Bland (Ges) G.Goffin/B.Goldberg
aus: His California Album
MFSLLC 00000Best.Nr MFCD 770 Chains of love Bobby Bland Bobby Bland
aus: Touch Of The Blues And Spotlighting Man
MCALC 00000Best.Nr MCAD-10349 Goin' Down Slow Bobby Blue Bland (Ges) H.Banks/C.Hampton/R.Jackson
aus: His California Album
Bear Family RecordsLC 05197Best.Nr BCD16922 Farther up the road Bobby "Blue" Bland With Bill Harvey Orchestra Don D. Robey (1903-1975)
aus: Plug it in! turn it up! electric blues-part 2
Bear Family RecordsLC 05197Best.Nr BAF 18029 I ain't gonna be the first to cry Bobby "Blue" Bland Michael Price (1947-)/Dan Walsh/Mitch Bottler
aus: Dreamer