Startseite der mittels MPAT erstellten HbbTV-App zu "Täter|Opfer|Polizei" (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte

- A Variety of HbbTV-Apps

The MPAT tool (Multiplatform Application Toolkit) has already been used to create a variety of apps for rbb and KiKA, demonstrating the possibilities of the toolkit.


The rbb programme 'Täter|Opfer|Polizei' focuses on regional crime and offers viewers the chance to help solve particular cases. The accompanying programme app presents the content of recent episodes sorted according to various categories. All relevant info, such as 'Wanted' posters, descriptions of suspects and possible clues, is included.

Eine Seite der mittels MPAT erstellten HbbTV-App zu "BAND CAMP BERLIN" (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)


rbb's documentary series 'BANDCAMP BERLIN' was produced for KiKA, and documented the experiences of five young musicians as they performed with their newly-formed group 'INGREDIENTS'. Using the MPAT tool, the Innovation Projects team brought a web documentary about the video shooting to the TV screen. This led to the team winning the 2017 HbbTV Award for 'Best Use of HbbTV for Broadcast Enhancement'.

Startseite der mittels MPAT erstellten HbbTV-App zu 25 Jahre "Brandenburg aktuell" (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)

25 Jahre " Brandenburg akuell"

And for the 25th birthday of the 'Brandeburg Aktuell' news programme, rbb developed an app which presented a handpicked video from the archive every day during the anniversary week.

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Auf dem Display eines Notebooks ist der "Seiten Editor" von MPAT zu sehen, mit dem gerade die HbbTV-App für "BAND CAMP BERLIN" erstellt wird (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
rbb Innovationsprojekte

MPAT - Connected TV

In the MPAT project, we worked with European partners to make HbbTV apps an 'everyday' experience, in the positive sense of the term.