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Innovative Projects from rbb

The Innovations Projects division brings European know-how to rbb. As part of the Technical Innovation Management department, our multi-disciplinary team has been working on European research and development projects for almost two decades. Within each project, we work alongside European experts from science and industry in developing the very latest media and technologies for use in rbb's services.


Eine Seite des RadioFlow von rbb 88.8 zeigt die aktuelle Verkehrslage Berlins (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
rbb Innovationsprojekte

Giving Radio a Face - rbb 88.8 RadioFlow

'We don't want to be just another programme with a webcam trained on the presenter' says rbb 88.8 programme director Konrad Kuhnt, 'we want to give our radio a proper face'.

In der Sandmann-App für HbbTV wird während des Abspielens eines Videos ein Gebärdendolmetscher eingeblendet (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
rbb Innovationsprojekte

Sign Language for All

The Sandmännchen app allows the popular children's character to strew his magical sand at the user's request. The app, also has sign language functionality, and features child-friendly controls with navigation via the remote control.


  • Radio

  • Accessibility

  • Television

  • Cultural Heritage

  • User Tests


  • Viele Linien verbinden mehrere Icons, die für Ausspielplattformen von ReTV stehen, miteinander (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
    rbb Innovationsprojekte

    ReTV (2018 - 2020)

    A viewer watches a broadcast TV programme on her SmartTV at home before work, another checks out a clip from the programme on the S-Bahn in the evening and yet another grabs a 30-second Facebook highlight in his lunchbreak. Users increasingly access similar or identical content at various times across a variety of devices and distribution channels.

    And this is exactly what the project ReTV addresses.

  • Ein Männchen steht vor einem aufgeklappten 360°-Bild mit Untertiteln (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
    rbb Innovationsprojekte

    ImAc (2017 - 2020)

    Our experience with media accessibility helps us ensure new services are accessible for all viewers. As the amount of immersive 360° video and VR content steadily increases, so does the variety of devices upon which to consume it. In the ImAc project we are researching ways of enhancing accessibility of such immersive media content. Thus users are of particular relevance to this project, and are deeply involved in providing feedback and requirements.

  • Ein Mädchen trägt eine VR-Brille und bewegt seine Arme (Bild:

    Hyper360 (2017 - 2020)

    The advent of 360° video brings new possibilities to the media landscape, whether via PC, Smartphone, VR glasses or TV. The goal is the total immersion of the viewer within the scene.

    And it is exactly this topic which the Hyper360 project addresses.

  • Auf dem Display eines Autoradios ist der radioBERLIN 88,8 RadioFlow zu sehen (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
    rbb Innovationsprojekte

    HRadio (2017 bis 2020)

    Hybrid radio combines classic radio services with internet-based content. As well as accessing additional information, users can also play the role of programme director in shaping their own radio station.

    This is where hybrid radio and the HRadio projct come in.

  • Blick in den "Seiten Editor" von MPAT, mit dem gerade die HbbTV-App für "BAND CAMP BERLIN" erstellt wird (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
    rbb Innovationsprojekte

    MPAT (2015 - 2017)

    In the MPAT project, we worked with European partners to make HbbTV apps an 'everyday' experience, in the positive sense of the term.

  • Auf einer Tafel sind mehrere mit Kreide gezeichnete Strichlisten zu sehen (Bild: David-W- |
    David-W- |

    2006 - 2017 - Completed Projects

    It all began in the late nineties at ORB and SFB. The EU-funded project Mirage delivered multimedia productions for Radio Fritz while the Opal project created a political magazine. Since then, the rbb Innovations team has been positioned at the cutting edge of developments in digitisation. Working together with rbb editors, the Innovations team develops, tests and piloted a wide variety of services.

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