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- Vision

The Innovation Projects division brings European know-how to rbb. As part of the Technical Innovation Management department, our multi-disciplinary team has been working on European research and development projects for almost two decades. Within each project, we work alongside European experts from science and industry in developing the very latest media and technologies for use in rbb's services.

In cooperation with project partners and various rbb departments, we develop new media services and test them thoroughly in pilot operations. And this is where our viewers and listeners come in - with their help, we conduct practical tests of new applications to ensure their suitability for inclusion in our services.

In their media consumption, users are increasingly creating their own programme by watching or listening to their favourite programmes on demand and on their device of choice.

It is with such consumption patterns in mind that we undertake EU projects. We develop interactive apps delivering additional content for TV and radio broadcasts. We develop professional tools allowing editors to quickly and easily create tailored apps. We look at the habits and preferences of users in order to improve our content on all distribution channels. We look for solutions allowing listeners to personalise their favourite radio programmes. We continue to support the barrier-free access strategies of rbb and the ARD by optimising accessibility services. We explore the possibilities offered by 360° video, including barrier-free access.

With our focus on these themes, we continue to support the development of new, future-oriented media services.