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Thanks to digital broadcasting technologies, radio can now be enjoyed on devices with screens, such as via smart TVs and DAB+ receivers - while listening to radio, users can receive additional picture and text information. And this is what the RadioFlow apps from Inforadio and rbb 88.8 deliver.

Berlin's latest and continually updated headlines, the weather and the latest traffic reports are to be found on every page of RadioFlow - the automated app delivers the latest information from a range of rbb news services. Users can optionally mute the radio and enjoy the app as a source of visual information.

RadioFlow can be used via cable, satellite, DVBT-2 and DAB+. It's also available on the homepages of Inforadio and rbb 88.8 as well as via Fire TV and Apple TV.


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Ein Radio auf dem Ast eines Baumes (Bild: spacejunkie l photocase.com)
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New Experiences in Radio

In the morning, you might wake up to an informative alarm call via DAB+; on your way to work, you can tune in to a musical accompaniment on VHF; after a stressful day, you wind down to a relaxing livestream. In all its various forms and formats, radio is omnipresent, and is one of the most popular media formats in...

Auf dem Display eines Autoradios sind die Logos der rbb-Radiosender radioeins, Fritz, rbb 88.8, Inforadio, rbbKultur und Antenne Brandenburg zu sehen (Bild: rbb Innovationsprojekte)
rbb Innovationsprojekte

HRADIO - Radio. New. Hybrid.

Hybrid radio combines classic radio services with internet-based content. As well as accessing additional information, users can also play the role of programme director in shaping their own radio station.

This is where the HRADIO project comes in.