Knietzsche Films with English subtitles

"What is death, actually?"

Grandpa dies. The rabbit suddenly stops moving. Someone is terminally ill. The subject of death is by no means one which only concerns adults. Children experience death too, and they also dare to ask seemingly simple questions:

Why do animals and people have to die? What’s it like to be dead? And what happens afterwards? Children are curious, they have lots of questions and answers of their own. .Their views on this subject, which is often laden with taboos, are usually uninhibited.

During ARD’s “Life With Death“ theme week in 2012, ARD encouraged primary school pupils and their teachers to discuss the subject of death and dying.

The three Knietzsche films can be a prelude to exploring the finite nature of things together, to exploring the cycle of life and of what remains after death. We want to show that reflecting on death is actually the same as asking about life –  and that children don’t automatically have to become sad when we talk about death.


Videostill: Knietzsche (Quelle: rbb)

- Knietzsche: What comes has to go (part 1)

Knietzsche says: "Some people say life is like a rollercoaster ride." If you picture it like that, life goes up and down, and everyone gets one ride. But some get to ride it for longer than others. At the end, the ride slows down and you feel that the time has come to get off. What happens then? Knietzsche has been pondering on this.

Videostill: Knietzsche (Quelle: rbb)

Knietzsche explains death (part 2): The Last Journey

Knietzsche says: "Some people say death is the last journey." If you picture it like that, you have to prepare a few things and choose a means of transport. Once someone is gone, a lot of people will be sad. This can feel like an upset tummy. You attend a funeral service in memory of the person. But you can remember them anywhere, because you carry someone you like in your heart.

Videostill: Knietzsche (Quelle: rbb)

Knietzsche explains death (part 3): Finished, over, the end?

Knietzsche says: "Some people say after death anything is possible!" If you picture it like that, you just have to really believe it. You are free to choose what you believe in, because what happens after death is the best kept secret in the entire universe.  But until your time comes, enjoy your life. It’s an exciting and totally unique affair.